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Feb 8, 2013 4:00am EST
associated with there. even amid this low energy type trade, we're seeing conviction to the upside. it's tough to be short sided position. >> you're not phased by the first weekly loss this year, ben? >> no, no. you know, we have some key levels of support that are still intact right now. really, ross, the bewildering aspect of this company has been that there's such limited activity on the south side of the players. any down side of the activity has been met on the buy side of players. really, again, there's been limited energy to the down side, limited follow through and participation has been extremely limited, as well. again, as i mentioned, it's not like we're screaming higher. if you look at the broader based markets, we continue that pace head higher. they seem to have established comfort and value at those areas. right now, it seems like we're waiting for some sort of news, some sort of catalyst to break us out of this range. i think you have to give the benefit of the doubt to the bulls. >> wow. ben lichtenstein there from out of chicago. >> thank you very much.
Feb 5, 2013 4:00am EST
wondered if there was a little bit of snacking going on. >> the important thing is to keep one's energy lefs up. >> that's right. >> should we look for a sponsorship from a goo company or something. in any case, difficulty over here. we don't have a lot of time on the breaks. >> earlier in the show, we asked you about ratings agencies and whether you always trust their decisions. slade in alaska says he does the opposite of what credit ratings recommend because they're so far behind the curve. >> joey from indiana says credit ratings are now too stringent. >> yep. not a lot of faith necessarily in those firms. we mentioned competitiveness. we're talking about immigration reform at the white house. joining us on the table is now roger dafen. just around the corner from us here in london. thank you for coming by. >> pleasure. >> do you agree with what the white house is saying and what a lot of these ceos seem to be saying which is that the country is suffering a lack of competitiveness because of the lack of immigration policy? is this the next issue on the agenda? >> i think it's one of
Feb 1, 2013 4:00am EST
taken a long time and it's taken the energy of people very high up in the company, including the ceo, to try to make this transition work. the interesting thing is, if it doesn't, does he want to spend the next year or so trying to get this transaction through? it's going to be very tough. >> yeah. i mean, exactly. as you say, it would be tough. if he doesn't get his transaction through, how can they replace the lost business? what would the likely strategy be sthp. >> well, he has a few options. and that is the first you line up another buyer. now, $8.5 billion in the stock, you know, continually going up, that's not exactly an easy thing. the other thing is, you can't sell down 85.billion in the market. you do it in chunks. that's an option, as well. in each case, it could take some time. >> yeah. how do we see the future development of financial services here in china? are you going to be -- you know, are companies ever going to be allowed some riflely unfettered access? >> products sold in china, products sold overseas. in the end, they turned out to be very good investments. the
Feb 6, 2013 4:00am EST
on right now. you know, the whole natural gas and kind of the united states energy story. housing is starting to come back. all this cash that's sitting on the sideline, you're seeing it starting to really come into the market as people are afraid to miss the next bull leg because there's so much been stuffed in the mattress. those are things to think about from a longer term point of view. when people think about their retirement money, not their trading money, if you will, now's the time to really start lagging yourself into the market. you're not going to pick the best days or the worst days if you can just continuously come out and play a little bit. >> what about, ken, the sequester -- we have coming up potentially the sequester. we know there's been a builds delay. that again, but continuing resolution here over government shutdown. some of the fiscal cliff issues basically still haven't been resolved here in the u.s. we know growth in the fourth quarter, you know, frankly negative in the first quarter, probably not all that great. so why isn't this doing more to spook inves
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4